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At the heart of the Volunteer Matrix volunteer scheduling system is our Web 2.0 interactive calendar. Our super simple volunteer scheduling system guides the volunteer through registration and sign up process. Utilizing aspects of DHTML and Web 2.0, we are able create attention focusing windows and shaded-out screen background without any of the negative side effects of older style pop-ups.
With the Volunteer Matrix system, all you need to tell your volunteers is to click any "Sign Up" button on your Volunteer Calendar. No other directions are needed (or recommended). Our system will automatically guide the volunteer through the correct registration process you have determined. Works perfectly no matter if they are a group or individual.
Calendar views include: Traditional calendar, Project Columns, by Date, and by Project gives every volunteer the ability to tailor their sign up experience to their personal preference. You can decide what the 'default' view and options are.
Multiple Calendars You can have multiple calendars, and each project/event can be assigned to appear on all or any combination of your calendars. Each calendar can inherit the main calendar graphic design and options, or it can have it's own graphic design and options like view type, Individuals & Groups, etc. Often HFH's use a separate calendar for their ReStore location. You could use a dedicated calendar for different physical locations, sponsored projects, to separate project types, etc. Animal Shelters often break up into separate calendars projects by Cat, Dog, Clinic, etc. Food Banks by Warehouse, Outreach, etc. Across all your calendars, if someone is scheduled for a shift, that scheduled shift will appear even when viewing a different calendar so that they can always see where they are scheduled. Of course ALL your projects can appear on the Primary Calendar if desired.
Once logged in, each volunteer can see on the volunteer calendar where they (&/or their Group(s) & Friends) are currently scheduled, and where they are still able to schedule themselves. Using a special Share Link, each Volunteer or Group of Volunteers is able to distribute the link, and when used shows where they are scheduled to volunteer.
Includes a dedicated link to view &/or email their schedule to themselves is also provided.
Other calendar options include:
  • Publicly viewable schedule with dates, shifts and project name. Avoids the annoyance of a forced registration before they can find out if you have availability that suits their time and interests.
  • Viewing as many months by default as desired (and you can always navigate to future months not on screen)
  • View or hide already full volunteer dates.
  • Intuitive color coding of calendar events indicate availability, scheduled, group/friends scheduled, or full. Legend only shows those which are currently displayed on the screen (so perhaps only full and available)
  • Redundant highlighted Individual or Group buttons ensure that your volunteer groups get signed up correctly vs. as an individual.


Options for each volunteer shift

Each project/event may have up to 100 shifts per day (1 to unlimited # vols on each shift).
Add new or Edit shifts on one or all dates at once. The fastest and easiest scheduling software available!
Each shift may have:
  • from One to an Unlimited maximum # of volunteers allowed
  • a minimum age requirement
  • a description pre-sign up
  • a description added post-sign up
  • be restricted to Individuals only or Groups only or any combination of the two
  • have an unlimited # of individual qualifications, restrictions, trainings
  • have an unlimited # of group qualifications, restrictions, trainings
  • a start time on one day, and end time the next day (overnight)
  • no start and end time, with # hours for volunteers working on their own schedule (i.e. 2.5 hours today)
  • Flex-Hours allows volunteers to choose the times during your set schedule to volunteer (like between 8am and 4pm, volunteer choosing 10am-Noon)
  • an unlimited number of approval required electronic documents (checkbox, initials, signature, dob) with option to auto-email them the accepted document(s)
  • an Access Code, making it private to only those with the AC.
  • an unlimited number of shift templates to quickly save and recall your most commonly used shift configurations


Volunteer Self Entered Hours

  • On a per-volunteer basis, you are able to allow them to self-enter their hours for specific projects/events. (Board Members, at home volunteers, etc)
  • Options include hours entry by Month, Week or Day, and for day it can be Total Hours, or Time Start & End with option for 2 time sets per date.
  • You can allow or require a Task or Note for each time entry.
  • Hours can be automatically accepted as entered, or can be required to be approved by staff. If required to be approved, any entered hours are not counted in statistics or reports unless approved.
  • On your administrator dashboard, if there are any hours needing staff approval, a notice is displayed on your Dashboard when you log in.
  • Volunteers who are required to enter hours regularly can be sent reminders if they are late entering their hours, as well your admins can also be notified (on the dashboard).
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