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No stuck in the box solutions here.
Volunteer Matrix has always been a leader in configuration and customization for organizations. In fact, the Volunteer Matrix platform was from it's beginning was developed with this in mind. While not all of our clients need customization, we welcome the challenge of matching and improving your process unlike any other solution is able, at the same time ensuring your process is easily navigable by your volunteers. At the same time, all of our customized solutions are low or no cost to implement. Volunteer Matrix is able to put our more than 15 years of experience providing volunteer scheduling and management software solutions with varied nonprofit missions to use for your organization.
Some Examples
  • Additional integrated online forms - from travel details forms, online payments, parent permission forms, etc. Out integrated online forms can help automate your processes for seamless multi-person (minor & parent) responses, allowing volunteer access after payments, etc.
  • Unlimited additional data fields - can be on either the public or admin side or both, can integrate with your 3rd party systems (SalesForce, DonorPerfect, etc).
  • Required document tracking - any combination of paper and electronic accepted, expiration date or not, know for sure your required documents were accepted and are current.
  • 3rd Party integrations - no other volunteer software offers as many (or free) 3rd Party integrations - make sure you have the full constituent picture from any of your systems. See our integrations page.
  • No other volunteer software offers integration into your full website design through https connections.
  • No other volunteer software offers free and complete past volunteer data imports (including full schedules). Give your old data new life by running reports and statistics as if they were always in your Volunteer Matrix system. (hand created past data has some limitations)

Some examples of automating an organizations process (from 2018/19) - no other software available could accommodate or facilitate their needs - and Volunteer Matrix was able to add additional functionality to their technology list.
  • An organization contacted Volunteer Matrix, needing help to manage their complicated & cumbersome volunteer process. We were able to take them from wrangling via spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls to an entirely automated system that not only matched, but exceeded their needs.
    A youth completes the volunteer registration form, which then automatically emails their parent who then completes a form with additional details, accept waivers, and pays an annual membership fee. The the youth profile is automatically updated to allow access for the current season (Aug-next Sept), and the youth volunteer is notified they can now sign up to volunteer. At the end of their volunteer season, automatically all member access is removed (since their membership fee is paid annually), then all those youth from the previous year (minus those that were slated to graduate) are notified of the new season, and the process starts over again where the parent is notified to complete the parent form & payment again. The organization is able to add payment credits to the system (paid in person) as needed.
    During the discussions and initial setup phase with Volunteer Matrix, we were able to identify and address their entire volunteer process for automation, much more than they even had hoped for. Today, this Volunteer Matrix client only needs to send out the new season email once they add their new schedule (with a simple filter to exclude the graduates) - their entire process is automated. The parents form secure payment section even goes directly through their selected credit card processor. (Volunteer Matrix does not charge for 3rd party connectors such as this.)

  • A disaster response organization came to us with their volunteer process needs, as they were unable to find any other software that even began to accommodate their process. Before now, they were relegated to using spreadsheets as best they could to manage their complicated process.
    Using Volunteer Matrix volunteer group features (unmatched by any other available software), this organization needed to be able to accept numerous group scheduling requests for different date ranges (often selected all date ranges the group is available). The groups system then automatically facilitates the population of the group members (indicating individual skills and getting necessary documents/waivers). Then the organization needed to be able to review all scheduling requests for each date range, comparing each groups members overall skills, while at the same time viewing already scheduled groups & skills, so that they can place the best group on the best project/location at the most appropriate time. In addition, the system automatically designates new groups as static or dynamic based on their intention to volunteer across international borders. For those international groups, we automated the production of their border crossing letters/paperwork which was previously hand assembled and generated.
    This organization came to us with a well defined technology needs list, we were able to not only meet their needs, but helped further extend how technology can facilitate their processes.

  • An organization which also provides housing for their volunteers, needed a solution which would allow for both volunteers date scheduling, booking of housing, and manage payments for those scheduled items.
    This is an example where Volunteer Matrix added new features to support their mission. Adding the option to book their housing, and make payments via their existing processor (Quickbooks), the system takes a non-refundable registration fee, then 50% of the total due payment at 8 weeks or more. It sends out payment due reminders, and will auto cancel groups who have not met their financial obligations. Their process is much more complicated than indicated here, regardless, their processes are now automated, and it's easier for both the volunteer groups and staff to manage years of advance scheduling and payments on one system.
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