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Automatic Emailed Reports & Sign In Sheets

There are a number of daily reports you can have emailed to you automatically. These reports are also available to you on demand in your administrative area.
  • Future Schedule & Scheduled Volunteers
    Each project can have a list of associated email addresses, and those addresses can receive a HTML (viewable/printable) &/or Spreadsheet format report including the project, dates, all shifts, listing number of volunteers wanted, number currently scheduled, and a listing of volunteers groups (with specific members scheduled), and individuals. This can be set for 1-8 weeks into the future. If this project was dedicated to one sponsor/company, you could include their email addresses in this report list so that they can easily see where their volunteers are scheduled, and where they need to fill in.

    As well, you can get this same report including ALL active projects emailed to another list of recipients.

  • Project Sign In Sheets & Volunteer Contact Information
    On any date that has shifts scheduled, the list of project report recipients will receive a listing of that days volunteers, names, and contact information. (groups are separated as usual). As well, this report can also include sign in sheets for the project. Sign in sheets are auto-filled in with scheduled volunteer information, and include blank rows up to the number of volunteers desired (plus a set # of extra rows). The sign in sheets are able to be customized with header graphics & text, and what columns you want on the sheet, and even how the sign in sheets print out (one shift per page, continuous, etc). If you utilize the volunteer waiver tracking features of the system, then the date their next waiver is due is on the sheet as well. This report can also include 2 days of information and sign in sheets in case your on-site staff will not have access to email or printer over that time span.

Volunteer Hours

  • Statistics
    Our Volunteer Hours admin tool provides a way to view statistical information for the system as a whole, and example:
    159 people completed the Express or full registration 'My Info' page
    154 completed Orientation (last req'd step in order to sign up if Express Reg not used)
    303 last logged into the site during this time
    42 people were added to the database, but have never logged in themselves
    1,208 available slots for Volunteers (59.93 % filled)
    3,298 hr 00 min total available for Volunteers (55.25% filled)
    191 filled slots for Individual Volunteers
    363 hr 15 min total for Individual Volunteers (# Ind: 123)
    533 filled slots for Group Volunteers
    1,459 hr 00 min total for Group Volunteers (# Grps: 26)
    38 first time Individual Volunteers
    2 first time Volunteers with Groups
    6 Individuals no showed
    4 Groups no showed
    0 Group Members no showed

    By default these are displayed for the current week, the past 2 weeks, this month, last month, for each of the most recent 4 quarters, and for the previous year. You are able to also select any beginning and ending date period.

    In addition, the "top" 50/100 volunteers and volunteer groups with the most hours are displayed. This is a quick and easy way to have volunteer recognition for X hours volunteered with your organization with out even needing to do any searches.

  • Hours
    You are able to view volunteer hours completed by Individual, Group, & Project, and any date set within each.
    By Individual Hours are further broken down (& hours totals for):
    • By Project (or all projects)
    • by Group (if they participated as part of a group)
    • by Date & shift
    • hours volunteered on each shift

    By Group Hours are further broken down (& hours totals for):
    • By Project (or all projects)
    • by Date & shift
    • by Group Member Name

    By Project Hours are further broken down (& hours totals for):
    • split into Groups or Individuals (both or just one)
    • by Date & shift
    • by Volunteer Name with # hours

    Within this same tool, you are able to mark volunteers as Confirmed, No Show, Delete from shift, alter their personal hours they volunteered (both by group and volunteer), and set their next liability waiver due date on individuals.

    In the event you had volunteers show up when you did not even have a date/shift scheduled on a project schedule, from this screen, you are able to add a date to the calendar, create the shift, schedule the volunteer(s), and confirm them without leaving the page.

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