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Paper & Electronic Document/Waiver Tracking

Almost all organizations have required Liability Waivers or other required Documents.
Volunteer Matrix has several different ways to ensure your organization receives and tracks all required volunteer documents.

Electronically Accepted Documents & Handed in Paper Documents (waivers)

  • Allows you to have multiple documents in HTML or PDF format. HTML can be auto-populated with volunteer data (name, address, emergency contact, etc).
  • Each volunteer shift may have one or more associated required document or waiver.
  • Each document can have it's own lifespan (every shift signed up for, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, ... up to forever).
  • Each document can have it's own "acceptance message", and acceptance of that can be:
    • Checkbox
    • Typed Signature
    • Typed Initials
    • Date of Birth
  • Each document can have a separate version for over 18 and under 18 displayed appropriately for each volunteer, and as a volunteer turns 18, automatically ages them into the adult documents.
  • If an electronic accepted document is expired, or not yet accepted, it is required before signing up for a shift.
  • If a handed in paper document is expired, or not yet accepted, a message with the document link is shown when signing up for a shift. Then until an acceptable expiration is set for the document for that volunteer, they will see a message above the calendar reminding them.
  • If any document is updated, everyone who is signed up for any shift requiring that document will need to accept the new document, regardless of the existing life span of their current accepted waiver.
  • If a required document has not been accepted by a volunteer yet, a message stating that there are required documents and link to approve the document is provided in all emails which include the schedule (just scheduled, reminders, etc).
  • Sign in sheets if used automatically indicate if a waiver is due or has not been accepted online.
  • You are able to view the date and time that every volunteer has accepted their required documents.
  • Kiosk Mode if used will automatically:
    • Require at kiosk acceptance electronically of any not yet accepted or updated required waivers by anyone clocking in.
    • For missing/expired handed in paper documents, staff approval is required at Kiosk, and when accepted, the new expiration date is automatically set.
    • For volunteer groups, if the group members have not accepted the document(s), the Kiosk will chime, alerting staff to ensure all members accept the documents. The volunteer can do this by clocking in personally to the Kiosk Mode, or your staff can give them a hard copy.

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